[Legion Contest] - Legion Prison

(Dan Sweet3 D) #1

Hey all, lurker here. Thought I would have a go at this contest for the fun of it. First attempt at a stylised scene so be kind :slight_smile: .

As for the scene itself, I'm trying to create a small legion prison, cells around the outside, chained up prisoner in the centre (if time permits). Got lore in mind, and will put it up if I get the time.

Just a few progress shots for now, excuse the place holder/unfinished textures, hopefully going to come along a lot in the coming days.

(Michael Calvert) #2

This is a great start.

(Dan Sweet3 D) #3

Thanks dude, not too flashy but hey. Should come along a bit tonight hopefully ^^

(Dan Sweet3 D) #4

still a lot to learn but very interesting to take part in the competition, lot of amazing stuff to see.
Below is my still obviously very WiP scene.