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Legion's newest addtion, Fel Siege Tower

(Henrylam) #1

A levitating siege tower been brought on to aid the Legion’s Invasion.
Within the tower, there are warlocks that’ll summon chaos and prisoners in cages that will have their soul drained for power. There is also a cauldron-like pool(still meddling with this idea) filled with Fel Magic with a Crystal hovering about it that acts as its catalyst, amplifying the fel magic’s destruction. Death and Despair will be left in its tracks as it levitates above its enemies.

Siege Tower Exterior Design
-2 or 3 story high
- Wide Window Arches for Warlocks to cast spell upon the field
-Demon Ornaments Decor Exterior
-Leaking Fel Liquid underneath tower?
-Tower levitating on top of terrain ground (foundation) with decay details
-decay plants, animal bones
-Top of tower, possible cannon/crossbow/a portal that pours fel liquid

Siege Tower Interior Design
-prisoners in cages, withered
-opened warlock book, in middle or top of tower
(relic-like details)
-sacrificial daggers

have more ref pics on diff file, but here's a silohuette concept

(Michael Calvert) #2

It would be nice to see the layout of the room. The research looks great.

(Henrylam) #3

Layout of the Floors

(Michael Calvert) #4

This is looking good. =)


This looks great, thanks for the detailed captions!

(Henrylam) #6

Ty! :smiley:

(Henrylam) #7

much appreciated and no problem!

(Henrylam) #8

This sculpt, part of the bottom base of the tower.

(Bart) #9

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Henrylam) #10

heh, been neglecting to show w.i.p.

(Henrylam) #11

Didnt get to finish this one on time, still have props to add and refine the texture, aiming for the current WoW Aesthetic. will continue to refine this for portfolio