LennyLennbo's #3December Entries


(LennyLennbo) #1

Really looking forward to challanging my handpainted skills.

(LennyLennbo) #2

Day 1… or 3 , whatever…
My first entry for 3December: Hot Snowman

Hope you like it

(Thomas Kee Design) #3

Love the low-poly style and the melting snow drops! :+1::cloud_with_snow::thermometer:

(LennyLennbo) #4


(Malwina Czech) #5

It’s so cute even I am melting :sparkling_heart:

(LennyLennbo) #6

Aww , thank you :3

(LennyLennbo) #7

Day 2

Hope you enjoy

(LennyLennbo) #8

Day 3
could not really think of what to do , but I think its still atmospheric

Hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

(LennyLennbo) #9

My take on the Fruitcake, this time a bit more realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

(LennyLennbo) #10

Hey Im back!!
Now I have got some catching up to do , oh well , gonna do my best!
Hope noone has a flu :smiley:

This is my first time doing strech/squash animations!

(LennyLennbo) #11

Well, I think ill use this challange to practice the basics of animating! Heres my reindeer!

Hope you like it!

(Ever Shroud) #12

Oh goodness, what a cute animation!

(LennyLennbo) #13

Well everyone, while I didnt complete the challange because of all the other things I was up to I did enjoy the little bit I did participate on and hope to maybe completet future challanges. Yet I enjoyed watching all the other submissions of all the other participants. Happy New Year everyone!!