Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset is awesome with Sketchfab WebVR

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, have been playing around with the new Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset. Unlike the Oculus Go this headset has 6DOF tracking so you can MOVE around your scenes/model by simply walking.

You should know that Sketchfab is pretty dang awesome on it!

Install Google Chrome Canary to access WebVR, it’s not the default Chrome browser at the moment.

Also, if you disable the ‘safety graphics’ boundaries in Daydream VR Settings (enable Developer Options) you can walk around your 3d models to your hearts content… assuming you have enough floor space!

Display mirroring with ChromeCast is builtin and works very well (image below). Headset mirroring is still a to-come feature for Oculus Go. With the Lenovo mirage you can see what the person is headset is viewing and guide them when they get stuck.

Highly, highly recommended.

(Xmt) #2

Thanks for the mini-review; I’m considering getting one of these to use for public engagement in relation to dentistry (I’m creating giant models of teeth to explore which will become public when finished). One thing I like about the Mirage is that you can adjust the distance from your eyes. I have a Dell Visor and the distance is far too large so the actual field of view is tiny compared with what it should be. I wonder if you could take a look at the fov test model and comment accordingly (either here or on the model comments). This would clinch it for me (you’ll need to click on the model address top left to see how it works).

(Lpdenmark) #3

Strange when Sketchfab doesn´t perform well on the Oculus Go

(Iillee) #4

+1 on wanting an oculus go fix.

(Aleahy) #5

Hi, yes that model loads okay. I’m getting about 75degrees FOV with the Lenovo Mirage.

You can navigate/teleport around using the Daydream controller and thumbpad left/right will scale similar to Vive. The Daydream controller is rendered as all black, but the laser pointer and landing recticle draw okay.

It is a little blurry, I think WebXR may be rendering things at half-resolution. the menu overlay is crisp but the model is blurry.

Chrome Canary can be a bit tetchy. Your Snail model sometimes causes a ‘webgl reload’.


(Xmt) #6

Thanks, that sounds about the same as my Acer headset, though they need to be tested on the same person for a true comparison. The blurriness is a bit concerning, I might try and get a demo somewhere before ordering a Mirage.

(Mktest) #7

Hello guys,

is it me or it’s impossible to view at 360° any model in a Lenovo Mirage Solo?
I’m opening the models via Chrome Canary and I see them as 3d objects contained in a 2d window of the browser; I would like to navigate through a 360° immersive view: is it possible? Otherwise I find it pretty useless to see them with a VR headset.
Please let me, I’m stuck with this problem :frowning:

(Aleahy) #8

@mktest you may need to enable the WebVR settings under by opening the URL chrome://flags

The flags I have set are -

WebVR > Enabled
WebXR Device API > Enabled
WebXR Gamepad Support > Enabled

A good way to check Chrome and WebXR are working okay is to try some of the samples at https://webvr.info/samples/ or https://threejs.org/examples/?q=webvr


(Mktest) #9

Super @aleahy, you nailed it! Thanks for the advice, it works now :slight_smile:
I’m still struggling with Chrome being the default browser instead of Canary and with the models that don’t rotate with the pad, but still: great immersive experience! :slight_smile:

(Xmt) #10

I notice on my friend’s Android phone that not all models are visible on Sketchfab; I wonder if there is a size limit for the mobile version. Are you aware of this? I have 3 public models on sketchfab.com/xmt, but only one was visible. Could someone with a Mirage kindly let me know what they find at this location?
Many thanks,