Leopard 2 A4 Tank (Done)

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So i been working on this over week now.

Leopard 2 A4 WIP by UNIFin on Sketchfab

So i have been working on this over a week. Still got some modelling things to do like suspension, turret details and sideskirts. After that it’s cleanup time.

Also made youtube channel for my 3d stuff. Mostly time lapses for now.

Btw. If someone can help me with get those smoothing groups(hard/smooth surfaces) working that would be nice.
I have tryed different things but so far nothing has helped yet.
When ever part of my model haves some smoothing on it sketchfab decide's to smooth whole part.
Normals should be fine. But still sketchfab tell's me something something is wrong with em. I use blender 3d for everything except texturing.

Here those normals/smoothing work just fine.

Plus this model may not be most accurate because there so many different versions of this tank.
So getting reference images of 1 specific version is hard/impossile.

Thank you.

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That's an excellent start! I've moved your post into our new WIP forum. Please keep the updates coming!

Which app did you use to create it? And what's the problem with the smoothing groups exactly? Is it Sketchfab specific?

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I Use Blender 3d for creating my models.

I am not really sure what is my problem yet. But after running some test i think it could be that my model is too small. Which may cause problems for sketchfab?

Allright i tested my scaling thing and it fixed some problems but not all.

So i made a test https://sketchfab.com/models/5b5fe525a6934f3aa8e6a93794bb2ee4 Sketchfab version
Rendered version http://i.imgur.com/6cGCoVy.png
Screen from blender before uploading to sketchfab http://i.imgur.com/xZBojX8.png

Normals are fine atleast. Smoothing goes wrong soon as i add some soft edges.

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@james any idea what's happening here? Could it be the scene size, like @unifin suggests?

(Unifin) #5

Ok got it working properly.

Test2 by UNIFin on Sketchfab

Somehow uploading straight from blender did not save smoothing groups.
Exporting to obj. format with smoothing groups first. And then uploading that file to sketchfab fixed this issue for me.

Okay i think if you upload from blender file it does not apply auto smoothing,
As you can see here
http://i.imgur.com/Qlfg9TY.png auto smooth is off - this is also how it looks on sketchfab
http://i.imgur.com/Hwr1jHP.png auto smooth is on - this is how it is supposed to look.


I'm not sure how Blender handles normals on export to .blend.

In general, if your file has valid normals, they will be preserved. If it doesn't (e.g. STL or OBJ without vertex normals), we smooth with a crease angle of 45°. We also try to detect and/or fix problems like flipped faces and null normals.

Maybe @marc or @waleguene knows more about normals and smoothing groups in Blender?

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Update! I am very close to start uv mapping now.
Updated Sketctfab model https://skfb.ly/KpME
Rendered images.

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it's been a while i posted a progress update so here we go, some renders with unfinished textures.

I still need to finish diffuse map and after that i make normal map for bigger details.
Textures are being made with photoshop without drawing tablet.

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So. i am pretty close to uploading this model to Sketchfab. Any CC is welcome.
I wanted to try PBR materials with metallic workflow. it's my first time doing PBR materials/textures to model. I think i got it right mostly. I read many tutorials how to do specific maps and how light behaves on different surfaces.
Anyways here is pic's from sketchfab editor.

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And i think it's done. I wanted to get this out of my system, so i can start doing sci-fi stuff.
Sure it's not most accurate or best, but i really wanted to try making high/medium poly tank.
As note to myself get loads of references!!! And read history of before starting doing anything :smiley:
I redoed so much things because of that, and it was frustrating.
Still it was fun and i learned many things about PBR, which is good.

Leopard 2 A4 by UNIFin on Sketchfab