Let the madness begin! #mad-science-wip

(Niklasoh) #1

This sounded like a fun contest, so, as the titel says: Let the madness begin! #mad-science-wip

(Niklasoh) #2

The first few steps... Mohohhahahaaaha!!!

(Theedstar1) #3

Ha ha ha ha ha ha looks like something crazy is cooking up right here ha ha ha ha ha can't wait to see this work of art when its done good luck to you

(Niklasoh) #4

Thanks! Yeah, I've got a feeling this will end up quite, like you said, crazy. :smile:

(Bart) #5

Welcome on board! Don't forget to subscribe to the contest updates thread to receive a notification when we have news to share.

PS: I wasn't entirely clear in the blogpost, but the #mad-science-wip tag was meant for the model uploads and not for the forum posts. You can remove it if you want :smile:

(Niklasoh) #6

Almost done with the sculpting of this guy.Now for some fantastically fashionable facial accessories and then it's time for the ************* this guys will be towing up into the air to release upon us all. Mooohhahahahahhaaaa!!

(Simon Kratz) #7

I already love the look of this guy! :smile:
Where is he flying to?

(Niklasoh) #8

Thank you! Only the future can tell were he is going..... ;D

(Theedstar1) #9

Ha ha ha ha ha yessssss an update this a great ha ha ha ha ha he looks like he's gonna go on one heck of an adventure but now i have to wonder where is he going ? hmmmmmm i guess well see

(Niklasoh) #12

Meet Olof, a 104 year old retired scientist who got immensely bored
with the slow pase at the retirement home. Using what ever material he
came across, he constructed what he needed to show the world the biggest
firework ever! Or alteast thats what he said…
There is still tons of texturing to do, and also posing of the
character. He might even get some sort of controller for his flying

Olof, the retired scientist wip by Niklas Ă–hrberg on Sketchfab

(Mcsephiroth1313) #13

Such a fun character! And his objective is funny too. Nice job on the textures. The topology seems pretty dense, but that;s alright if you're not planning to animate him. I also noticed that the giant back seems to be anti-gravity. Since it's so huge the weight would drag more underneath the character, unless Olof is flying at super speed! Looking forward to the finished piece :grin:

(Theedstar1) #14

Ha ha ha ha ha GO TEAM OLOF! wow dude the texturing is blowing me away man and whats more exciting is the fact that you said more texturing is still coming up well you've got my undivided attention oh just a heads up one of the chains on the left side of the bag isn't connected just in case you missed it

(Dpalme) #15

its looking great dude

(Niklasoh) #16

Updated version. I've added some environment to point out the fact that he isn't air born (yet), and there is a big chance he never will be as the machine might fail a bit.... Olof is the type of man who can calculate the mass of the universe but struggles with more practical tasks.

Olof, the retired scientist v 0.8 wip by Niklas Ă–hrberg on Sketchfab

(Niklasoh) #17

Yeah, I do agree that the model is a bit dense, both in polygon count and in the size of the textures, but I felt that it was ok as, like you guessed, I do not intend to animate this model. :smile:

(Theedstar1) #18

This is pretty heavy on the download ha ha ha ha might wanna shave off some textures coz i can't see OLOF (CRYING FACE)

(Niklasoh) #19

Whops.... xD

(Niklasoh) #21

Olof is still on to it! The only thing remaining is to posé him (even thou the T-pose actually kind of works). Still a bit heavy on the download as I couldn't cut down on the textures without it hurting to mush (love details)... :wink:

Olof the retierd scientist, v 0.9 Wip by Niklas Ă–hrberg on Sketchfab

(Bart) #22


a quick personal reminder that the Mad Science contest closes next Wednesday (midnight, 23:59 New York time). So whatever you decided to do this weekend - you'd better cancel it and finish your entry :slight_smile:

As always, you can read contest updates here, and if you have any last minute questions feel free to email me at bart@ this website.

Good luck!!

(Niklasoh) #23

Final submission! Read the story of Olof in the description and the annotations! Now fly Olof, fly!

Olof, retired conqurer of worlds! by Niklas Ă–hrberg on Sketchfab