Lets talk about latest UI/UX changes in Sketchfab

(Vlad) #1

Well. May be i making error, but i think most of latest UI/UX updates in Sketchfab are awful. Problem that i'm not only 3D artist but also professional UI/UX designer.
And all latest UX changes especially in scene layout looks like SketchFab team not only not making any researches and tests (like removed and placed back numbers of views, removed list of who liked etc.), but just do not think how users interacting with site.

Important information hidden, less important, like Edit button on grid view made 2x times bigger than any other icons. Men, once i found where edit, after this i do not need any huge icons to show me that.

But Staff pack icon made as small as... **it. Do you know how important for hobbyists who upload their works on your site this Staff packs? Them give such users one of a reasons for making more posts more interesting models, etc.

Info below scene view also awful. Old layout was allowed read and watch model. Sometime was explanation in info about model.

Now users must scroll for this info and much more for comments.
Youtube or similar entertainment sites is not required interaction with content on screen. But Sketchfab a bit different. I even can't scroll screen if my mouse will be over scene view. So this action required additional action from user. Move cursor out of scene.

Original layout was not so bad, and there is no problem to expand info with more content. Images if you think too small, can be opened in float window.

Text lines more than some words much harder to read. Do you know why News Papers (old on paper) do not write article with lines on a whole page? For the same reason. For people harder to read long lines.
And Web UI still MUST use some basics from this old paper era.

UI must be not only good looking, but also made users experience easier, not harder!

(Bart) #2

Hey Vlad,

Thanks for your feedback! We always experiment with new ideas and layouts on Sketchfab, and we always pay close attention to see if this improves how people use our platform. If we find we’ve changed the wrong things, we’re not afraid to revert the changes (like bringing the view count back).

Contrary to what you state, we always run internal and external user tests on changes like this one, and we integrated the feedback we received. That doesn’t mean everyone will be happy with it all the time, of course :slight_smile:

Again, we’ll keep improving on this page design too, so your feedback is always appreciated.

(Mauricesvay) #3

Hello @ssh4,

you can now see who liked your model again.