[LFG] Unreal Gameplay Programmer looking for small team or artist to partner up with


I am an experienced gameplay programmer looking for a small team to join or an artist to partner up with.

About me:

  • I have been working in the games industry for more than 10 years.
  • I have bootstrapped, grown and sold my own games studio with over 20 employees over the course of the last 10 years (the company still exists).
  • I am a seasoned gameplay programmer, IT infastructure manager, product developer and studio director.
  • I am working with Unreal for a little over a year now and I am still learning, with a focus on gameplay and multiplayer.
  • I have solid C++ skills.

I would like to join a small team or partner with another person to improve my skillset and understanding of Unreal, without committing on a fulltime job. I am not interested in a salary at this point. I am currently doing this for fun and I would like to work with like-minded people. I specifically notice that I reach my limits working alone without anyone that can contribute to the visual aspects of game development.

I am open minded when it comes to graphical style and genre, but ideally I would like to work on super small scale games or protoypes with a multiplayer aspect. I would prefer to publish games as fast as possible instead of working on something with excessive scope that never releases.

Feel free to ask for more info.

PS: I did not see any jobs category, apologies if this is not the right subforum.

Our #available-for-hire channel on the Sketchfab Community Discord would be a better place to post this.

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hi, as bart mentioned the discord seems to be the place where folks would post jobs more, however it might be an idea to create an area on the forum specifically for looking for or offering industry related work, what do you think @bartv ?

For many years I have struggled to find and work with a coder, I have had a bunch of game designs, from loose concepts to more developed ideas but rarely get the chance to realize any of it. Yes I have on numerous occasions tried to learn to code but I just do not have a programing orientated mind, its something I just have to accept.

The general gist of your post intrigues me not least since you seem interested and willing to experiment for little more then experience rather then payment, and this has also been a factor why I have never had much success realizing any of my ideas, I am rarely in any sort of position to pay, The few occasions I have worked with coders was just for fun and both parties never expected much other then a bit of fun and experience along the way. That said I always maintain that if a game ends up having potential then taking it further with an end to selling it would also be desirable for both parties too , thought this would be something that would need to be discussed obviously.

The various few ideas I have had range from small casual puzzle type games, to 2d side scrolling affairs and a couple of 3D game ideas of which I would be willing to show you.

Much as your post seems on the surface interesting, I am curious about that fact you didn’t link to any examples or did not mention any titles , or companies that you have been involved with, I think folks might take your offer more seriously if you link to something that can backup your experience in someway or another.

Well at any rate, I wish you success finding something interesting to work on and if your ever knocking about discord then perhaps we can talk about some ideas, etc

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thanks for your reply both of you. Tycho thanks for getting in touch, I will send you a DM including my portfolio so we can discuss things further. I just prefer not to post personal details online, that’s all. I am happy to provide more details via DM or email.

Kind regards