Light Baking And Uploading Plugin

(Creativesip) #1

One of your competitor Verold have released a plugin that bakes the light maps and uploads it too. Any kind of this thing in your road map dear developers ?


Are you talking about this?

We already have one, created by the same developer:

Although a few features, like FBX, separate objects/materials, and the improved texture handling would be nice.

@klaasnienhuis what can we do to make that happen? wink

Our FBX processing should be able to handle all of those things (except animations, for now)

(Creativesip) #3

This sounds so good! I mainly use c4d but i have believe c4d plugin doesn't support light baking ? or any newer version is on the way ?


Discussing an upgraded c4d plugin sometime soon.

c4d's native "Bake Objects" function seems pretty good.

(Creativesip) #5

You have no idea how bad native baking system is! frowning c4d really needs a baking plugin

(Klaasnienhuis) #6

Hey @james, I'm not entirely impartial here! I'd love to create an update to the Sketchfab publisher for 3ds Max and incorporate some of those functions. Since you have a well visited forum you also might poll people to ask for new features.

But that's an answer you could expect from a developer like me.

(Jfm3d) #7

If the Verold Publisher need also the extern viewer to install a plugin to be able to view a model, its a total different game. When I present the data-department in my company for something that requires the viewer to install plugins they say: "out of the question" period!

... and that is one of the many advantage of Sketchfab smile