Light shadow problem


(Shaelkhan) #1

does anybody know how to give shadow to an object ..?

Shadows on a transparent material/mesh?

We're planning to implement real-time shadows in the near future. For now, however, you can 'fake' it using some plane geometry and alpha blending.

Here's a quick example:

shadow by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

This is what my lighting looks like:

And this is the diffuse and transparency texture on the "ground":

(Delicious) #3

How goes the ground shadow implementation? Been a little while...


@delicious Real-time shadows have been available for quite some time:

(Delicious) #5

Touché, good sir. :wink:

I may have misinterpreted this thread, but all I know is what's on the internet, so bear with me. I've been trying to figure out how to make a ground plane that will catch shadows, but is not visible in the scene. Adjusting transparency for a ground- plane mesh makes the mesh and the shadows disappear. Is such a thing possible, or am I barking into the wind?


A native ground plane feature is something we hope to implement, but I don't think it will behave as you've described. You can't really have something that's transparent AND interacts with light :smile:

(Delicious) #7

See? I wasn't totally crazy after all...:wink:

There is such a thing--a "shadow catcher", if you will, but it might not be something that a GL rendering engine understands. Here's hoping you guys figure out a ground plane in the near future!


Hmm interesting idea, I'll pass it along :smile:

(Gilles38) #9

Hi @delicious and @james,
Old topic but I would really like such a shadow catcher. It has been implemented in the latest Blender (2.78c) (
Hope the staff will think about it.
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