Lighting gimbal problems in Safari


(Delicious) #1

The lighting adjustment gimbal in Safari has a problem. Selection of the rotation or movement handles is offset by many pixels, so that highlighting the handle to drag it is a bit of a fishing exercise. I can confirm that this is not a problem in Chrome, so appears to be browser-related.


I can't reproduce this in Safari - what version of Safari and OSX?

What resolution is your screen? I've seen issues where annotations don't display correctly on very big (4k/5k) monitors, depending on browser. No idea if that's related, it's just the only thing that comes to mind.

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OS X 10.11.4, Safari 9.1. Running a 4k monitor, which seems to make Sketchfab generally unhappy. Could be the culprit...

Oddly, Chrome on the same monitor doesn't seem to have the same issues.


@paul_sketch I don't remember - I think there are some browser-specific issues with big screens?

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I recall a post about that as well. There are other problems in Safari with full-screen mode. Has to do with something something WebGL something something. :wink:

(Stephomi) #6

If the rendering is fine then it's not a webgl issue.
It's probably something on our side, but did you use a "browser zoom" (the zoom that scales the whole page)?

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@stephomi Nope. When viewing in full-screen, I select from the viewer toggle. As for the gimbal, I'm just using the standard editor interface with no adjustments.