Lighting missing in newly downloaded Blender 2.8

I have just downloaded Blender 2.8 again to my new computer…having used it for the past few months and created some objects and a cityscape with lighting/clouds etcI’m enjoying working with this great programme.
Unfortunately, when I opened my cityscape in Blender to carry on working on it there’s only pitch black when I switch from object/wireframe view to rendered or look/dev [?]. I’m presuming it’s something simple, because it works on some basic house models I opened later. The lights are still in place but nothing is being lit up.
Any ideas? It’s doing my head in at the moment :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Just guessing here, but did you use blender hdri lighting? Is it still using it?

Thanks for the input, warkarma… how do I go about checking that? I’m still a novice to the world of CGgraphics…sorry. I know that I used techniques from quite a few tutorials and must have allocated several add-ons in preferences while I constructed the ‘world’. There isn’t a background image as such - just a colour.

I am fairly new to Blender as well :). Check this video. It’s 2.79, but the whole principle should be the same.

Thank you! I’ll check it out. Mmm - this is for introducing an hdri image. Not what I have or really want for the cityscape I’ve created. All the lighting is there, with a coloured sky/background…it’s just that eevee isn’t showing any of the lights, just blackout. It worked fine before I changed computer and seems to work on other ‘models’.