Lighting problem on viewer

(Raul P) #1

I am getting this problem on my model, was working well but now I am getting this problem and cant fix.

Lighting and shadow issue
(Bitgem) #2

I'm having the same issues with all my models. Something seems to be broken in the lighting department.
Only just uploaded this guy

and it looks like the same issue. All my old models that are using the punctual lights have this problem since today.


Sorry about that guys. There's a bug with shadows on rigged models. Fix is coming ASAP.

(Bitgem) #4

Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting in!

(Danielupton) #5

Hi so I'm trying to add lights to my screen however when I click the cast shadows option I get a very strange lighting error that looks like this:

Any ideas whats wrong?

Thanks, Dan.


Hi Daniel,

This is a known issue for shadows on rigged models and we have a fix coming soon.


(Danielupton) #7

Okay thanks!

(Gilles38) #8

Hi all,
I don't know whether this is related but I am having a shadow issue too since several days with models that were doing fine and that I never modified.
See my picture that shows strange "rays". Increasing the Shadow Bias value of light #2 from 0.26 to 0.36 greatly solved the problem (still some patches remaining).
This model is not rigged or animated.
Hope there is a fix.

(Bitgem) #9

Yay! It seems to be fixed! No more streaks on my end :slight_smile:

(Raul P) #10

Fixed ! Thanks for the fix !


Yes, the rigged model issue should be fixed.

@gilles38 - I think we also talked over email - that is more about shadow bias, and lights attached to the camera that are at bad angles compared to camera direction and surface direction. I.E. avoid directional lights that are parallel to the camera or parallel to surfaces.

(Gilles38) #12

Hi James,
Yes we talked about it through emails. I just wanted to share in case some people experienced the same issue as this topic dealed with light on viewer and was happening around the same time (although my models are exported from Blender without armature and therefore unrigged).
The point is that I never had this problem until now and all my models, even those uploaded a long time ago, are showing this problem now. So I am assuming that something has changed on the Sketchfab side.

I also opened a new topic here some days ago which describes the issue better with videos and Paul in the staff is looking at this to see what has been changed recently.
Thanks for your answer.