Lightmapping as optional built-in feature

I am creating a video tutorial for architects, how they can use SketchFab for a quick and cheap VR experience of their models.
The framerate of a typical CAD model on the Oculus Quest is quite low, and the lighting doesn’t look very well.
I can lightmap the model first in Sketchup using a plugin called LightUp, and then exprt the model to SketchFab. Then I can make the model Unlit, which improves the performance. And the lighting looks much better.
It would be great if this lightmapping function was built into the SketchFab 3D editor.
Even if it takes an hoyr to perform such a lightmap, the quality and performance is so much better!
Look at some of my models to see the difference.
First, straight FBX export from Sketchup
Then, the lightmapped version.
You could make this lightmapping feature only available to professional clients, who pay more money.