Lights embedded in GLB files are ignored

Seems that while Sketchfab supports adding lights to the scene, it ignores lights that are already part of the transform hierarchy (the GLTF spec supports several light types).

An example can be seen here:

The original GLB file does contain a point light directly where the isopod is walking (compare to the 3D model embedded with model-viewer here: Biolum - Prefrontal Cortex), but that is ignored by Sketchfab. In this case, it’s actually an important feature of the scene, so the Sketchfab version, while having nice post effects, is actually lacking compared to model-viewer here.

Hi there, I really love this , and spotted your forum post just now.
I am not exactly sure what you are asking/the problem is, but sketchfab only as 3 dynamic lights, and you cannot animate them, there is no dynamic emission either.
based on the version of this I see on this page Biolum - Prefrontal Cortex, you could try to spoof the effect by making the ground/rocks slightly refractive with high roughness value and animate an emissive piece of mesh under the ground/rocks give the effect of light casting on the rocks from the isopod
I have demonstrated this to some degree here:
Light Test 5 - Animating Emissive Light - Download Free 3D model by Tycho Magnetic Anomaly (@Tycho_Magnetic_Anomaly) [3ded3c8] - Sketchfab

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Hey, the GLTF/GLB format itself does support lights as part of the model hierarchy – the bug and/or feature request here is that Sketchfab ignores that information. I don’t need to configure that via any UI as its part of the authored file already, but ideally Sketchfab would just keep the lights that are in the file (and reduce the amount I can add via the UI if that’s a performance concern).

The lighting in the embedded model-viewer on our website is what’s in the exact same file as uploaded to Sketchfab – no additional authoring.


the reason why sketchfab is ignoring the lighting setup you have in your 3d application is because sketchfab has its own lights, it cannot import other dynamic lights, if I understand you correctly.

Perhaps hang about for some additional technical advise from the staff, perhaps there are some tricks you can do that i am unaware of.

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@Tycho_Magnetic_Anoma is correct that lights cannot be imported into Sketchfab. You will need to set up lights within the Sketchfab viewer.

I understand that part – that’s exactly why I opened this as bug report. Feel free to consider it a feature request instead. :wink:

Feature request noted. Thanks!