Lights Scaling Problems

(Fat Of The Land) #1

Curently working on a scene with a snowball on top of a piano …i 1st uploaded the snowball which was 40 metres in diameter…started working with the lights inside it and it was fine…then i reuploaded it with the piano which is like 300metres in height , i didn t notice anything unusuall untill recently when i realized that all the lights within the scene somehow got rescaled at some point and i don t have the same control as i used to(they got so big that i can t fine tune anything within the globe where it interested me). I tried duplicating the model so i can try to solve the problem and have a backup, the duplicates i made can t load apparently…

So… i m thinking that along the way when i switched between light types, they got rescaled .There are workarounds i can do to get the lights back but there should be an option regarding the light scaling built in.



Can you please share the link(s) to the model(s)?