Lights, Shadow Rays and Running Dark Patches since several days


(Gilles38) #1

Hi all,
I am having a light/shadow problem since several days now on all my models.
Basically, I have "shadow rays" on all my models that I did not have previously. See my short video. Even models that were uploaded to Sketchfab months ago do show this now. As shown in the video, setting the Shadow Bias value from default (0.266) to >0.366 largely improves this problem.
But still I have running dark patches here and there as shown here on my small video here. Changing light rotation (light #2 especially) solves it localy but they appear somewhere else on the models.
What has been changed recently in the Skecthfab viewer ?
It's a bit scary to see these problems appearing on unmodified models...

Lighting problem on viewer
(Paul Sketch) #2


I'll check and see if any recent changes could have done that.

(would be great if you could provide a precise date of "before" when it was working without needing a shadow bias change).


(Gilles38) #3

Hi Paul,
I noticed it on October Sunday 30th. But it could have happened some days earlier as I was away from my computer. It is still present today.
Thanks for watching.

(Paul Sketch) #4

thanks, so I can go with assumption that before 20th october, it was ok

(Gilles38) #5

Yes I think this is a safe assumption

(Gilles38) #6

Hi Paul,
Have you tracked down something about this problem ? It is still here. Would you need on of my models?

(Paul Sketch) #7

I can reproduce, thanks for the help, but still working on it.

(Gilles38) #8

Thanks, I am not feeling alone anymore if you can reproduce it !
Thank you


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