LightSaber Fights: Windu-Emperor - Annotated Scene


(Armandolira) #1

Hi. Happy to join and see that this kind of events gather a lot of talented artist. I'll try to keep up with the amazing art that I've seen in this site.

The moment I want to picture in the fight is when they break the glass of the chamber. I've chosen this scene of the fight in order to instill some motion into it. I'll use the Disney Infinity Toy style since it's been a while I've been trying to find a project to try it.

Good Luck.

(Armandolira) #2

Windu - Palpatine (WIP) by armandolira on Sketchfab

A little blocking of Palpatine chambers.

(AndreiRadu) #3

Hey, I chose this scene too. Good luck !!

(Bart) #4

Thanks for joining! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.

(Bart) #5

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Armandolira) #6

Windu Lightsaber (Wip) 2 by armandolira on Sketchfab

Windu Lightsaber (Wip) by armandolira on Sketchfab

Ok, a little update on some materials. It took me a while to get the hang of what I could or couldn't import from 3Ds Max so it's not yet finished. I'll keep checking and tweaking it a bit.

Good luck.

(Armandolira) #7

Ok here is Windu. I still haven't worked on the materials since I decided I was going to do that on Sketchfab once I put everything together.

Mace Windu (WIP) by armandolira on Sketchfab

(Stijn Vercruysse) #8

Makes me think of disney's infinity star wars characters.

Nice job :smile:

(Armandolira) #9

Yes, that's the style I was aiming for. Glad to see I got it right. Thanks XD

(Armandolira) #10

Palpatine (WIP) by armandolira on Sketchfab

Ok, Palpatine (WIP) again, no Materials. Was toying around with the lightsaber material but nothing much. I don't like the hair so I'll give it a revision once I finish everything else. Meanwhile just a bit of an update.

Good day.

(Jamesculley) #11

That Face is awesome..

(Armandolira) #12

Hi, this my final entry. I hope you like it. Maybe in the future I'll make a more stylized set up like presenting a Disney Infinity toy. Also I would like to learn a bit more of PBR rendering. It was really interesting.

I thank you Bart and everyone that made this contest possible. Sketchfab is an amazing tool and place where we, artist, can show our work. Congratulations and great job.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did while working on this. If you have any input on it feel free to comment. I always like having some feedback.

Star Wars Final by armandolira on Sketchfab

(Armandolira) #13

Oh, and I'm not sure but just in case... The text I took it from the sequence in the Novel The Revenge of the Sith. I modified it a bit but not sure if it may cause some issues. Just checking.

Thanks and good luck.

(Bloecher) #14

uh, i totally like the mood and your annotation framing, well done!

(Armandolira) #15

Thank you very much Bloecher.

(Jamesculley) #16

It's great, love the poses and the looks on their faces, excellent use of a perfectly placed environment background too!

(Adam Beamish) #17

Brilliant work! Great use of the annotations. :smile:

(Armandolira) #18

Thank you @jamesculley . I wanted to portrait the diference between Mace's calm anger as he embeded himsef in Vaapad, contrary to Palpatine's hatred into the dark side. Thank you @earthen, the annotations are an awesome tool, and the sketchfab staff has done an amazing job making them simple and natural to use.