Lildude - low poly (feedback would be good)

(Flynnholland) #1

(Lord00120) #2

Very simple design, is it meant to resemble Indiana Jones or some explorer like that? A couple of points:
The area around his stomach seems a little messy UV mapwise. There's a little white smear on the jacket which can be fixed by tweaking th UV map a little bit
Also there appears to be unconnected polygons in the middle of the white shirt? A little hole opens up and such :slight_smile:

Lastly, if you look at the character from a side view, it kiiinda looks like he is going backwards :slight_smile: Mostly to do with the fact that he is leaning back, and it's also a good trick to lift the whole skeleton a bit while he is taking each step (So he bobs up and down just a tiny amount)

(Sourdays) #3

Theres a few strange geometry on your lildude. The back of the hat and side of the shoes doesn't have some edges connecting to the verts. The rule of thumb that I learned for characters is to always make sure your polys are square. Inside the body has a few extra poly that could be deleted.