Limit orbit camera checked and no more pan

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I’m using the Limit orbit camera, and have the limit vertical rotation checked.
But this is also blocking the pan movement. We can no longer move horizontally and pan.
This should not be the case as the rotation is not related to the pan movement. The rotation lock is just to prevent the user goes beneath ground level and should still provide the possibility to pan horizontally.
horizontal rotation still works.

Thank you for looking into this.



This is something we’re looking into!

cc @nehon @mauricesvay

(Cgmatt) #3

Hey James,

Oh OK, glad to hear that !
Can you give a estimate of when you think this feature will be added ?
Also being able to maintain the use of the annotations while using the camera rotation lock would be very useful. Often clients don’t want the user to see the back of a model, but they are huge fans of the annotations. So having both working together would be a really nice addon. Is this also in the works ?

Kind regards,

(Eriol726) #4

I also need that feature



This was added. You can now limit orbit and zoom while still enabling panning.