Limiting Camera Orbit AND Having Annotations

Hi Team - so sorry to bother you but I’m having real challenges with this “Creating Annotations using the Viewer API” workflow.

In short, I wish to limit camera orbit but have annotations on my model.

I am a basic coder (HTML experience) so I can see where certain logical instances of code occur, but am looking at the above mentioned example on JsFiddle and cannot see any code that updates or changes, when I add an annotation… (Same as when I look at the Viewer API examples, I cannot see anything in the code that refers to the wording that is in the annotated tabs (on the iPhone 12 model).)

Similarly, in my 3D settings, when I enable limited camera orbit, I cannot edit the log at all. It’s only editable when I physically add annotations, in 3D settings.

I’m VERY keen to get this working but need my hand held, or to be spoon-fed, please… apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you, in advance, to my saviour - if he / she is out there!


  • the variables “annotationsList” contains the things you were looking for, Check “Title” field on those, and you should see all the annotation wording that ends on screen.
  • Logs are not to be edited but to copy/paste into your own code, as your own annotationsList. (to be clear camera limits and annoations can only be done using viewer api code, which means html/js hosted on your own)

Hi Paul, thank you so much for getting back to me.

I’ve been pootling around here for the last 24 hrs, nearly, trying everything (and reading things more carefully, too!) and think I got to the bottom of it approx half an hour ago…

Just to be sure though, I think I’ve established this workflow but have yet to try it:

  1. I found the relevant Annotation code inside “User Annotations” on the “iPhone X Example” page.
  2. I built annotations the usual way inside 3D Settings.
  3. Copied the code referring to my own annotations in 3D Settings.
  4. Turn off Annotations in 3D Settings.
  5. Go to JsFiddle and manually edit the code in there so that it refers to my model AND my annotations.
  6. Run and Test.
  7. Copy and paste the Javascript to my site.

Is this correct?

Apologies for bothering you but I’m very keen to get this right.

Kind regards and many thanks, once more, for you reaching out to help.

Hi Paul - I’m back with zero success, sadly.

When I take Viewer API example code off your site, and paste to my site, where should I be pasting it to? I’ve tried everything that I can think of but cannot get it functioning. I’ve managed to get everything working in JsFiddle but cannot get the new JavaScript into my site in a functional capacity.

Can you please provide me with a step by step process for getting the JavaScript into my website? Where does it go? I’m totally flummoxed and, usually, am not in these situations.