Limiting Orbit of Camera & Annotations Not Possible?

Hello Sketchfab Devs!

Just about to roll-out a new feature on my 3D designer, where the model spins to a specific part of the model when they are changing specific selections in my designer (changing logo, model spins to the logo, changing font, model spins to focus on font)… however just as I’m about to roll the feature out I realize that you can’t have annotations AND the Limit Orbit of Camera feature enabled!

I definitely don’t want my users to have free reign of the camera, it’s not necessary and opens up several weird views of my model…

I don’t see why annotations and limiting the camera orbit need to be mutually exclusive. Why can’t the camera view adjustments made by tapping on an annotation just be limited by the camera orbit limitations that have been selected?



Making camera limits and annotations compatible would be tricky, and it’s on our feature request list. You could create the annotations programmatically using the API and I think it would work.

+1 to limiting Camera & being able to use Annotations! We just got the Enterprise account all setup and I thought you could do both :frowning: We’re using Sketchfab for Enterprise customers and like Gregan and other’s have brought up, I don’t really want the client seeing certain parts of the model and/or ending up in space and not being able to find their way back.

Using the API…that would be HTML? Would love to see an example of how/if that would work.


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Here’s a very simple example of a model with camera limits active, but I create an annotation “on the fly” using the Viewer API:

You could extend this to create all your needed annotations when the model loads, and camera limits would still be working.

Using the Viewer API requires knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. You can find the documentation and other examples here: Viewer API - Introduction - Sketchfab


Thanks James!

I downloaded Sololearn’s html and Javascript, I’ll start learning what I can, as I know we’ll want to integrate some of the more advanced features that the API allows.

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This is now possible in a more robust way with the introduction of Viewer API 1.6:


Hi Team - so sorry to bother you but I’m having real challenges with this “Creating Annotations using the Viewer API” workflow.

In short, I wish to limit camera orbit but have annotations on my model.

I am a basic coder (HTML experience) so I can see where certain logical instances of code occur, but am looking at the above mentioned example on JsFiddle and cannot see any code that updates or changes, when I add an annotation… (Same as when I look at the Viewer API examples, I cannot see anything in the code that refers to the wording that is in the annotated tabs (on the iPhone 12 model).)

Similarly, in my 3D settings, when I enable limited camera orbit, I cannot edit the log at all. It’s only editable when I physically add annotations, in 3D settings.

I’m VERY keen to get this working but need my hand held, or to be spoon-fed, please… apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you, in advance, to my saviour - if he / she is out there!

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