Lines and solids

I would like to import a file with lines and solids to sketchfab from autocad. The lines imports well from a dxf file but no solids are visible. Other formats don’t show the lines. Is there a file format who can handle both lines and solids? Is there an option to merge models online so I could merge a line-import with a solid-import?


Hey @tiri20,

our DXF support is very basic as it’s not a widely used format on the platform and we don’t have many samples; we should support however solid geometries. However, I’m not sure your sample contained triangles/quad data and more likely had some surface which we do not tesselate (that’s an issue with have with most formats at the moment).

I’d advise you to use OBJ export as our support handles both lines and solid and it should work without needing to merge multiple models.

Hey @mrchlblng,
The obj-format looks working fine. Thanx for your help.

Hi @tiri20, I’m having a similar issue, but can’t get polylines to show with obj format. How did you do it?