Lines on uploaded sketchup models have gone from black to white

My models are simple compared to most on here. The sketchfab rendering engine presents them very pleasingly; they greatly resemble simple drawings, which is what they are supposed to be, but lately there is a problem. The uploaded lines have begun to render in white where they were black before. Vastly prefer they remain black. I noticed this after encountering a short site outage a few days ago.

Can anyone give me some guidance as to how to revert line color?

Sorry about that. This is a known issue affecting SketchUp models, and we have a fix on the way. If it’s urgent, you can go into 3D Settings and change the “Base Color” channel of all the “edge_color_xxxx” materials to black instead of white.

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I never thanked you for your reply; very timely, thanks.
Your fix is fiddley, but it works.

No problem! Sorry for the delay on the fix. It turned out this is trickier to solve than we thought as it touched a lot of other things.

How is the “fix going” for the white line issue displaying in uploaded models?

In editor they show black which is also my preference.

Your solution is rather time consuming.

@james, would you be so kind to provide an update on this bug fix.

Sorry, we haven’t done any work on this. I saw your other thread, it looks like you were able to set your lines to black manually.