Link Instagram Accounts

(Christiemccown) #1

Hey guys! Not sure if lots of other people use instagram in this way, but I thought I’d check.

My work has been featured on the “@sketchfabulous” instagram account a few times now, and as an artist who uses instagram as an art sharing platform, I think it would be awesome if we as sketchfab users could link our accounts to our instagram accounts so that we can be credited on that platform!

Currently it’s properly credited to the user’s sketchfab account, which is great, but including an attached instagram username would be on another level. Since the same functionality is available for facebook/twitter/linkedin, I’m sure a lot of users would appreciate this feature!

Any thoughts to add this in the near future?

(Dark Minaz) #2

I agree to have more slots, personally id add artstation and instagram as well.
i do like sharing my works on many platforms as well so it’s always nice to link forth and back :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s a good idea ( cc @bartv )