Link school Pro account to already created standard account


(Alex Sigaras) #1

I created a standard account and uploaded some models and then came across the education pro perk.

Also read this: in the forum that states that the perk can only be applied during registration.

Would you be able to help me convert my account (edu email) into pro without losing the already uploaded models?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Alex,

I just upgraded your account, enjoy!

What software are you using to convert your molecule data?

(Alex Sigaras) #3

Hi @james

Thanks for the upgrade.

For Molecule Data we use NIH's 3D Print Exchange ( ).
Great free web tool that produces 3D print ready manifolds.

We plan to show our Molecule Data using Sketchfab and Google Cardboard this Saturday @ Science Saturday @ Rockefeller University
Event page:

Would you be able to guide us how to create a simple custom background for the event (Only logo on classic background)?




You can use any image as a custom background. I recommend a 1920x1080 image with your logo on it somewhere: