Link school Pro account to standard account?


(Keegan Keene) #1

Hello everyone, first time posting here. Today I tried to use the CGcookie perk that gives three months of Pro so I can try it out, but the perk just was not working for some reason. Then I saw that Sketchfab has an education program that gives a Pro account to college students. My College is eligible but I really don't want to re-upload all of the models I have already made on my current account to the new account. Is there someway to link the two accounts or somehow transfer the uploads?

Link school Pro account to already created standard account


I just upgraded your account. Would you like me to delete the other account? What's the username?

(Keegan Keene) #3

Wow thanks a lot! I had not made the account with my college email yet because I thought that I might have to do something special during creation if it were possible to link two accounts. Thanks a lot!

(Keegan Keene) #4

I did notice that under my account settings it is possible to change my email. Maybe someday it would be possible for someone to change that to their college email when they start college. Then Sketchfab could just send a confirmation email to the college email to activate the upgrade.


Yes, it's a bit unclear at the moment because it only works during account creation. It would be nice to also check during email change.