LinkedIn Sketchfab media not working anymore

(Mariannegoudriaan) #1

“Requests to the server are blocked by an extension.”

When I add the link for showing a model on the LinkedIn Profile page, the picture is loaded for an older model but not for an updated model (even when it is updated more than a week ago).
The 3d Model is not showing for both anymore.

  • Chrome is not showing the 3d Model anymore and shows the text above
  • Internet Explorer is showing the model but crashes easily
  • Mozilla Firefox is not showing anything at all

I thought it was a nice feature… perhaps it can be fixed?


Thanks for the report. It looks like an issue on LinkedIn’s side. We’ll reach out to our contacts there and see what’s going on.

(Mariannegoudriaan) #3

Thanks for looking into the problem. Unfortunately linking to Sketchfab in LinkedIn still is not working. Was there a response from LinkedIn?


Sorry, we still have no solution. These kinds of integrations move pretty slowly.

(Yannick Deharo) #5

Hi @james, Is there something new about LinkedIn support ?
Is a Viadeo support envisaged ?

Have a good day !


I’m afraid there’s no news. It’s something LinkedIn would have to fix on their end.

(Mariannegoudriaan) #7

It is working in Internet Explorer but still not in Chrome. Though the image is shown on the profile page again! (new link)


That’s very strange…

(Mariannegoudriaan) #9

Today I noticed in Chrome there is an image visible of the project, not only on the profile page but also when you click the link. That is quite an improvement! I would say, that is good enough for me.

Still no 3D anymore in Chrome, but an impression with an image is much better than it was.