Links in annotations to other models

(Oceandiscovery) #1


Just signed up for a pro account to test this out. Great to see support for AO and Normal maps. I have a Rock art documentation project on my hands, Uploaded a test. Pretty heavy to load due to 8K Albedo, Normal and AO though.

My question is can i somehow add links to another model in the annotation? My model when the click the annotation i want a link to a more detailed close up model of the rock art. This would be awesome if it worked. Then i could make a large over view scan with a drone of an area with many rock art carvings and then the user could click to see a more detailed model.
If this is not possible can a custom script be made somehow or is there some other app that can do this? Its a really essential feature for my project.

(Jfm3d) #2

You can just insert the link to the model in the annotation. You can also link to youtube videoes etc.