Lion king Simba birth presentation

(Alban) #1

I really like the theme of this contest, and I want to participate in this one (I know I can't win, but still :wink: )

My project will be to recreate the presentation of Simba by Rafiki on the big rock in Lion king.

I have no animation skills so it will be a static scene.

(Miekeroth) #2

Great @alban! Love to see your progress! Are you going to make it in Tiltbrush?

(Alban) #3

@miekeroth yes that's what I was planning to use :slight_smile:

(Miekeroth) #4

Great! Can't wait!

(Rmorais) #5

Awesome choice of scene Alba, but may I ask how you'll use Tiltbrush on it? I'm a total newbie when it comes to VR stuff =P

(Shaderbytes) #6

wow nice to see the boss taking part :wink:

(Miekeroth) #7

Yeah :slight_smile: even if he isn't allowed to win anything


Cool idea, can't wait to see how you do it!

(Ally Albon) #9

Awesome! I was wondering about doing something lion king! (decided on something else) Glad to see someone tackling it!

(Alban) #10

Oh I'm just planning on using tilt brush to design my scene :slight_smile:

(Alban) #11

So here is my first WIP! Now I need to turn this into a full scene, with the rock and stuff...

(Alban) #12

Here is my second WIP. Next: finish the scene, add sky.

(Alban) #13

Here is my 3rd WIP. I now need to refine and polish the scene, add a few details like the animal crowd. Drawing the environment of the scene took a while, but great occasion to test the new scale feature of tiltbrush!

(Glenatron) #14

This is looking excellent!

You're creating a VR scene, using a VR programme? That's so meta!

(Alban) #15

@glenatron Thanks! Have you tried any VR creation toll yet? Would love to see what you come up with.

(Glenatron) #16

Only TiltBrush so far. I actually tried it back when it was in production. Didn't do much on it, but a group of us took turns and made a collaborative scene, which was really fun!