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Hello Sketchfab team,

It seems like there is no way, right now, to find a list of all the comments that I made on models (at least according to the help center + websearch + digging through my account). I mean something like the “likes page” (<USERNAME>/likes) but for comments. Could be handy, sometimes.

I’m not sure if it should be public (<USERNAME>/comments) or private (in personal feed ? ?)…

This choice could potentially be left to the user with a private/public visibility switch (toggle) on his profile settings, but it would immediately makes this feature 10 times longer to implement, so maybe not.

Am I the only one thinking this feature is missing ? Or did I simply not find it ?

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An interesting idea - can you share some more context for why you’d like to view/search your old comments?

Sure !

For me at first it was really “What if I need to find back and delete old comments for some reason”. After providing a few feedbacks, now it’s also “How will my feedback be received by the uploader ?”, assuming I could see their comments list (public).

I can think of a few more use cases. They do not necessarily apply to me (yet ?), but it’s worth mentioning in my opinion, if you don’t mind…


  • Quickly clearing up any potential ambiguity when receiving a comment on one of your model, sometimes.
    “How am I suppose to read <insert example> ? Is it some kind of speech quirk ? *check their comments* Aaah, I see…”
  • Check if I already asked something to someone, but got no answer (no notification), before deciding whether to ask a new question, or not.
    “Could you tell me how you achieved <some visual effect> ? Or maybe point me to a tutorial ? Thanks.” -> 8 month ago, I had forgotten. Check if there was a response. No ? Avoid bothering them with another one.
  • Getting an idea of what’s someone’s “vibe” through on overview of his comments. It can be helpful in various situations
    Friendly ? Pissed off ? Does he ever actually responds or comments (in his models or other’s) ? Is it more along the line of “(mentioning 4 people with @ at the same time 8 months later) Sorry I don’t really read comments here, thanks anyway.” ?
    There’s always the possibility that I could irritate someone with a feedback or a comment, even if it’s not my intention. It’s OK for someone to dislike feedbacks. I respect that… if I had a way to know about it of course, that’s the point.
    Think about how using twitter would be if there’s was no way to check someone else’s tweets (Is that guy arguing with everyone all day ? A troll ? Should I respond ?). Sketchfab is not Twitter (thankfully), it’s not the same, but you get the idea.
  • Deciding if a potential feedback will be helpful to the uploader (-> do comment), or useless to him (-> avoid it)
    CTRL-F search “feedback” in their comments list. If there’s a match it’s good to know and read… Eg. “Thanks for the feedback” VS "Thanks, I didn’t noticed that. Btw I usually respond to feedbacks much quicker over at <some other website>".
  • Better manage you’re own comments, eg. to find back and delete old one or all of them (but keep your account -> collections, likes etc).
    Think “right to be forgotten” (kind of). Not having that option just makes me uneasy.
  • Indirect way of showcasing some soft skills when sharing your profile (like responding to constructive criticism)…
    Depends how it’s actually implemented if it is, see below

Note about public/private

After thinking about it, now I lean much more toward making the comments list public (more useful overall), as comments themselves are already public.

The list could be a bit “hidden” though if you feel like it does not belong to a public profil page, kind of like what Github does (not on public profil).

Maybe<username> ?
To be clear: I could replace <username> with any username to check someone’s comments.
I’m suggesting a way to avoid doing it through the search, assuming it’s way harder/costly to update Sketchfab’s search capabilities than making a simple “isolated” listing page.

Up to you.


I feel a bit discouraged by the UI to provide comments other than “thanks” right now. Even just that, you never know. Maybe I’m just weird.

To be honest it kind of feels like the team decided to implement profile and comments because “every other website has it”, and there’s no real motive or plan besides that (“it’s good enough”) I’m not saying any of that is what actually happened, it’s not my point here. It’s true that it’s not an ad revenue based website at all, and it doesn’t make money with free accounts; maybe limited user engagement from free accounts is fine/desirable ?

Maybe Sketchfab is supposed to be a service for pros (subscriptions), allowing you to embed your models through the viewer somewhere else (facebook, artstation, discord, forums…), and you’re supposed to interact over there, and it’s the intended way. Maybe the comment section is here for the “can you allow download ?”, and not much more. If so I misunderstood the situation, I’m at the wrong place, and I’m wasting your time (sorry).

I’m looking at Github and wondering how much fostering a community helped them to be in such a dominant position now (even if it’s just one aspect of their sucess). Judging by the new Github discussions beta feature, probably (?) a lot, and they know it.

I could also compare Sketchfab’s notifications (especially mentions / answers) with Github’s notifications, but this answer is already too long.

Whatever the case may be for Sketchfab, I’d understand, no problem. I’m just curious. I’m wondering if there’s even a point with such feature requests to begin with… the timeline here suggests otherwise…

Feel free to say “we don’t intend to implement this feature in the near future”, or something along those line. At least I’ll know. Thanks anyway.

PS. Guess I’ll +1 this thread: public-roadmap-is-there-one.

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Thanks for this thoughtful feeback!

I’ve read through, share feedback with the team and added this to our dev ideas board.

The Sketchfab Community Team here (that I’m part of) would love improvements and additions to the social layer on Sketchfab but (as you can imagine) this needs to be balanced against the needs of all customers (free and paid), the number of requests we get for a feature etc.

As I said, I really appreciate you taking the time to lay out your ideas here :pray:

I understand; Sketchfab’s team is probably much smaller than Github’s one.

It was a bit of “real talk” to know if I was betting on the right horse. The competition is usually even worse in that regard, and usually look like a dry and impersonal e-commerce website for 3d models. Sketchfab has the potential to be the best in my opinion, like how Github became/is becoming more than just code collaboration, but I wanted to know if you had that ambition. I hope I didn’t come across as too negative (even if it was a bit intentional to get a truthful answer :smirk:).

I’ll be patient, hoping your HR team is working hard :sweat_smile:


As a sidenote, you can already access this information using our Data-API. if you’re a bit web-savvy, you can easily script something to turn it into a readable format.

For example, try running this in your browser:

To improve readability, you can paste the information into an online JSON formatter like this one, or install a JSON formatting browser plugin.

Good to know, thanks !

I wish writing a cross-browser extension wasn’t such a pain and I had time to make one called “Sketchfab enhanced” or something… Still useful info nonetheless :+1:

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