List of included 3D formats works only for publisher

Recently I set my models for sale in the store. I also uploaded additional files (more of 3D file formats and textures). After all processing was done, I could see that there are .fbx, .obj and .blend files under “Included 3D formats” section. I can also see all the files uploaded if I click button “See all files”.
Problem is when I search Sketchfab as a guest (not logged in), I don’t see all 3D formats on my models. It says that there is only .fbx format. And if I click on “See all files”, only source files are shown.
Now, if I search the store (logged in or not), I can’t find the model which has more than one 3D file format. It is impossible that everyone uploads only one format. That means that other users have the same problem. Only the owners can see what they upload.

Link to my model:



Sorry about that! It’s a known issue and we’re working on a fix.

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