List of museums, lost?

(Banalesmuseovirtual) #1

Hi, friends! Our Virtual Museum is growing and increasingly popular, thanks again for all your good work!
I am going to make a presentation about it next Wednesday, and I have been looking around for the list of institutions included with our logos in Sketchfab for Museums and Cultural Heritage, that used to be placed here:
I see this has been changed, there is only a description of features and advantages to use it, but I cannot see the list. Is it placed anywhere else now?
Thank you very much!

(Abby Crawford) #2

@banalesmuseovirtual The closest thing I was able to find was a list of all the users that are classified as museums:

It's not quite as snazzy looking as the old Museums page.

Best of luck with your presentation!

(Banalesmuseovirtual) #3

Thanks, Abby! I will do my best. :grin: April 7th, fingers crossed!
It's a pitty, I also prefered the old page with all the logos "pinned" on yhe wall. I think I will ask our excellent staff if it is possible to replace it, or make something simmilar...

(Bart) #4

We've added a 'browse all museums' page to the page - it leads to Abby's link. The issue was that the /museum page is maintained by hand - keeping it updated is hard. The members gallery is always up to date.

(Banalesmuseovirtual) #5

Thanks so much Bart! I see the question: the section is growing and changes everyday, so it's seems better to use the normal functions for users search. I will refer to them when explaining and promoting it. Good work!