Listing models by name alphabetically

(Ar Thompson) #1

I find myself scrolling through, searching for particular models, and it would be very helpful to have the option to list them alphabetically by name.



Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean sorting your own models alphabetically? All models?

(Ar Thompson) #3

Hi James
Yes, I meant ‘all my own models’. But I could also use ‘all my models within a category’ if that’s more generally useful. Most of my model names are based on place names, which I’m familiar with. When I am analysing results I want to access all relevant models however old (or unpopular!). I experimented with categories but that doesn’t really work for me.
Thanks for considering this.


Great, thanks for clarifying. Sorting all models or all models within a search filter alphabetically is probably not feasible as there are millions of models, but more options to sort your own models could certainly make sense.

I’ll add your ‘+1’ to this feature request and follow up with any news.