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Little Chaser (WIP and working title)

(Daveboydell) #1

We all had adventures with our family pets when we were younger, so I'm capturing such an adventure of a little tomboy and her cat.

Blocking out and getting the initial fabric tension in there. I' redoing the cat to fit closer to the sketches. But the flow is there, really taking my time with this, having some fun.

Bring on the thoughts!!!

Lil Chaser Sculpt WIP by daveboydell on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #2

love the 2nd idea, cat totally got that look mine had all the time when i decided to do something stupid with it. "oh really .. we are doing that again ... "

Really nice sketches so far, hope you can get those looks into your sculpt :smile:
looking good so far

(Bart) #3

Fixed your embed :smile: No need for the iframe code, just put the URL of your model on an empty line.

(Nomadking) #4

Great concept and a solid start on the sculpt, especially the kid's active pose. Looking forward to seeing this finished :wink: