Little toon dinosaur [WIP]

(Vailys) #1

Hy everybody!

I make this topic to show you my little character. It's a toony dinosaur.

I published the first version of this WIP last week (12/01) :

Dinosaur_toon_WIP by vailys on Sketchfab

And here is what it looks like today (19/01) :

raptor_Wip2 by vailys on Sketchfab

I'm still working on the texture but i have created a little animation just for fun, and i hope you'll enjoy it.
It took me about 8 hours to make this animation : I started by making the blocking poses and i smoothed the curves afterward, adding some weight to them.

Please feel free to give any feedback about this work, i'd be glad to know what you think of it and how i could improve it :smile:

Thanks, and have a nice day!

(Dark Minaz) #2

sadly sketchfab tells me "this model is to heavy to display on your system" .. i'm pretty sure there must be a bug somehow.

But i kinda like the raptor, even if he kinda looks like a little toy to me :stuck_out_tongue:
the animation did look quite cool, even with just the spines.

Id make him a bit more "stuffed animal" like, with some stiches on the boarders, aside from that he looks quite good already.

(Bart) #3

What kind of system are you using? That message should only appear on mobile devices I believe..

@vailys very nice! Which tools did you use for it? And what are your plans?

ps: I fixed your second embed - it had a space in front of the link

(Vailys) #4

@dark_minaz Thank you ! I hope you can see it later :smile:

@bartv Thank you ! I use Maya 2016 for modeling / UV / rigging/skinning and animating ( soo many "ing"^^)
And I use 3D coat for texturing.
On my first version I sculpt it on Zbrush.

I did it because i'm looking for a job ! :smile:

I was a little problem to export the animation because his arms and legs bones wasn't in the hierarchy.
Maybe sketchfab don't support many hierarchy of bones.

And again thank you @bartv for fixed the second link :smile:

bye :smile:

(Sensationalgames) #5

I love it! :heart_eyes:

(Dark Minaz) #6

Win7 core i7-4790k@4ghz
8gb ram
gtx 970
firefox 43.0.4 with adblock

(Vincentthestud) #7

That's strange that it won't load for you. I have nearly the same setup except i'm using Chrome.

(Vailys) #8

thank you ! :smiley:

(Vailys) #9

Hi guys!
I finally did it!

Texture is done : i finish on 3D coat it's a 2048x2048 because his UV isn't overlap :/.

So.. on this rig :
He has a switch IF/FK on his arm and leg,and his fingers ( IK fingers we can follow or not the wrist).
He has to a Sin on his tail( we can use or not or use all option :smile: )
We can scale it
His lip can follow or not his Jaw.

Animation :
He has a walk cycle / Run cycle
Awake > stand up
And a "i don't know what is do."

Raptor-Toon by vailys on Sketchfab

Have fun!