Live annotation drawing on 3D surface? (presentation view)

Dear developers,
To whom it may concern,

What do you think about a feature for live annotations in a presentation view mode? For example, if you want to give some live info about a model (e.g., presentations), the user can draw on the surface, so the explanation is more interactive.

Technically, the drawing coordinates can be extrapolated in the same manner as annotations are positioned on the surface of the model, with a “shifted distance” along the normals.

It’s a superfluous feature?

For example (see the screenshot with red lines):
::: a switch button for live drawing/presentation, when the button is activated, the owner can draw on the surfaces of the model, without any rotation/pan/etc;
::: the drawing(s) can be stored in a temp/cache 3D file, or something like this;
::: after you switch off the button, the drawing(s) remain on the surface(s) of the model when you rotate it.

Thanks for the request!

Could you provide some example (3d model, screenshot, etc) of the effect intended ?

Note that with viewer-api, you may could already do it, but unsure if it’s what you want to do, check if this sample is near what you request : Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab

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@paul_sketch I’ve updated my question.

Thanks for the update, much clearer!