Load a model into an embedded iframe

(Wheelpros) #1

Is it possible with the api to load a model into a model? Think something like a kitchen cabinet handle. The main scene is the cabinet itself but I would like to dynamically load the cabinet handles. As there could be hundreds of handle options it would not be feasible to make them all in one file but loading on demand would be the way to go. Is this possible thru the api?

If this has been covered before I apologize as I have search and not found anything about this.

(Shaderbytes) #2

no it is not possible to add any geometric object via the api. This is not even possible via the editor so i dont know how you even think it is possible via the api.

Your best bet it to create a scene with all your handles , it wont look correct on sketchfab domain , but that is ok you can just mark your scene as private. Then via the api you can show or hide these objects as needed.

You can also move objects so if you have many different positions for the same object instance then you can rather move it… depends on the situation.