'Loading 3D model' dialog has moved to hard left of frame?

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, any reason the 'Loading 3D model' dialog is now hard left rather than centered?

It feels odd.

Windows 7/64, Chrome 55.0.2846.4 canary (64-bit)

Cheers, Andrew


Can't reproduce :confused:

(Aleahy) #3

It's gone for me too, now.

But for the last couple of days the dialog was definitely on the left like in the screenshot!


Weird, ok. Sorry about that!

(Zlsa) #5

It's on the left for me, too. Chrome 54 (dev branch), guest mode, with no extensions enabled.

I managed to fix it by setting display: block on the percentage indicator: .main-progress-percentage.loading-percentage; I suspect it's a glitch with the implementation of flexbox. Easy fix is to set display: block and font-size: 0 on the percentage indicator. The element could also be removed entirely, since it's not being displayed for me anyway.