Loading FBX files with seperate texture files

(Crnorcro) #1

I have an FBX model that I downloaded from this site a couple of years ago that has a separate JPG texture file associated with it and I am now having trouble opening it to view them together. Can someone point me to a program or tutorial that will walk me through the steps to correctly open files like this? It is a 3d picture of a landscape taken from a drone if that makes any difference.

I would appreciate any help provided.


What software have you tried so far? Most 3D software should be able to open an FBX file and apply a texture.

(Crnorcro) #3

So far I have tried to use Microsoft 3D Viewer, Blender, and Fusion 360. I have been able to get the FBX file open in all 3 and I am able to see the 3D shape but it does not have any color to it, it is just a washed out white texture.


Can you share the link to the model you downloaded?

(Jumpjack) #5

How do I save texture separately from an FBX file in blender, and how do I upload them separately to sketchfab?