Loads of weapons

(Chamferzone) #1

Hi Sketchfabbers! :smile:

I'm still fairly new to the awesome sketchfab community and I never really looked much into the forum. Now that I did I figured that I may as well open a thread here too.

I'd like to share my current uploads with you. I am still adding more work to it as I go. I'm a Senior 3D Artist at Ubisoft Toronto and in my spare time I like creating weapons. All of them were build for modern first person shooter games such as Far Cry or Call of Duty when it comes to the specs. You might also notice that there is a grenade in my library, if you are interested to learn how to model and texture it you will find a link to the free tutorial in the description. Let me know if you have any questions! :wink:

Cheers, Tim !

Glock 22 by chamferzone on Sketchfab

(Elbriga) #2

Amazing collection!
I think the bloom effect could be a tad more subtle ^^ but that's just my taste :smile:

Also, the tutorial looks really good, it might just be what I was looking for to learn substance :smile: thanks alot!


(Chamferzone) #3

Thanks elbriga,

hehe :wink: I think I really love me my bloom but noted! I might wanna be a bit more subtle on it. Glad you are interested in the tutorial. Let me know how it goes !

Cheers, Tim !

(Dark Minaz) #4

Looks great, love the level of detail you put into it.
Even if i am more a fan of "unique" guns, i can't help to be amazed at how good you did the glock 22, even with little finger sweat etc.
Always loved the models in ubisoft games, to bad the story is bad so often :frowning:

Ill check out your texturing tutorial and try something similar to follow it along today, so big thanks for that.

Kinda surprised though that ubisoft uses substance paitner, or is that just personal preference?
did you work on the new far cry primal? (just wondering since it might be quite a jump from high tech guns to creating sticks)

(Dark Minaz) #5

So i watched your video and started with the tutorial

So far 2 inputs and a question
1. why did you create that separate ao? substance painter can export the AO if you set it to do that
2. Baking, might want to explain why you did set them to 0.015 so people know what they do, rather than just say "did some tests and it did look the best"
- also you might want to give the rendered maps, so people won't have to wait 30+ minutes to start doing the tutorial, i did like that you explained why and all the settings but the render part is kinda a pain. (i am still waiting on the ao to finish)
(e: after around 1 hour + it's finally done, wohoo)

Additional, is it okay to post the final version on sketchfab (of course with a link to your work and the tutorial and mentioning that the model is done by you) I am not planing to do it 100% the same but certain things id like to follow along the tutorial, since it's really good explained.

e: again not sure if it's okay to post so i can take it down
but i followed your tutorial (well mostly) did change some on the metal, gave it some more details and tried out how to paint a texture on it.

I did learn quite a lot, especially the generators are super useful once you get to know them a bit better and change the base settings a bit. A few things i knew already, but id say i did learn atleast 4 new things, so was worth it :smile:
So my version ^^

Grenade - Deadpool Version by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(Chamferzone) #6

Hi Dark Minaz!

Nice deadpool grenade! :smile: Thanks for your questions and your feedback. I appreciate it.

I did not work on Far Cry Primal even though some of my colleagues did. You are right, modern weapon wouldn't really suit it haha. I did work on Far Cry 4 even though the guns you see here on sketchfab are not related to any Ubisoft Project but are infact personal work. An upcoming zombie shooter I work on with a few friends in the spare time.

About the tutorial:
The seperate A.O. is necessary to get additional information in the AO map. If you don't add it specifically then it will just export the original AO map that you brough in from the first bake. You want to make sure that your AO also catches information that comes from the actual work you do in Substance Painter. All height information will end up in there.

You are right other people told me about that baking setting part as well that I should have explained it better. When it comes to that near and far distance it's really a matter of trying it out though. I start with the default value, see if the normal map comes out nice and if it doesn't I start adjusting those values till it looks good. There is nothing else to it really.

Giving the baked maps to the package is something I thought about but I'd rather have people go through the baking process themselves so they properly know how to do it. Also it might be a bit confusing to set that up in Painter. I did give a warning though that it takes some time to bake and that this can be minimized by putting a lower anti aliasing setting :wink:

Thanks for following the tutorial. Loving your grenade haha, of course I am more then fine if you have it up on sketchfab, I'm glad to see it on here! Cheers, Tim

(Dark Minaz) #7

Hi Chamferzone

Thanks for the answers, maybe i missed that part about the ao, but this kinda makes sense, similar to how i tend to create an extra emissive and transparency sometimes.

Okay, since i never really did a low poly (mostly due the fact that i never needed one to be lower) i was quite interested in that part, so you just set them higher if needed, thought maybe you start with 0.2 and then go lower or something, noted in my "3d info" file :smile:

I rather mean say "look here are the things you have to do, and then klick bake, this could take 1 hour, if you want to skip this part you can use the maps from the seperate folder", lowering the quality would work, sure, but that would also mean it won't turn out that great. (also thanks for this part, before i just hit on 2k or 4k and did press the bake button, quite hard to learn those things since most tutorials just skip this part).
It was just a bit of a paint to wait for a while when i thought "oh now i'm going to do that tutorial ... wee ... wee .. ah ffs ... okay let's eat dinner ... "

Great, hope it gives you a few more views and people watch your tutorial :wink: although i don't have to many followers^^

(Chamferzone) #8

hey dark_minaz, yes I totally get what your saying. The baking part is indeed one of the "okay let's take a break and watch a television show" moments for me usually. Thanks for your feedback. If I should do another free tutorial in that nature I'll certainly add the textures to it for people that just want to follow the substance part :+1:

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I had to fight hard to make sketchfab display this one here in "HD" by default :grin: My most texture heavy scene here so far.

M16A4 by chamferzone on Sketchfab