Locking lights when autospin is on

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Trying to sort the best presentation options and I think we're nearly there with using autospin. (see link below)

However, as the camera rotates round the model the lights also move. Or is it the model spins and the light stay still?

Selecting or deselecting lock light to camera doesn't make a difference.
Nor does using lights or the environment to light the scene.

Really need to stop the shadows spinning all over the model as it rotates.

Please tell me there's a way to accomplish this?

PS, I'm using the format of the link below to send to people to view the models. Is this the right way to be doing it?





OK, well this isn't working. Link should be to...


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Autospin works by rotating the model, not the camera, so I'm not sure it's possible, regardless of lights being attached to the camera or not ( @stephomi ? )

I think the best option would be to disable shadows on your lights and environment.

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Thanks for your reply James.

Would it not be possible to link the environment to the model's rotation?
The models look much better with shadows so it would be a shame to have to drop them.


I don't think we're planning to change that behavior. You could use the Viewer API to move the camera rather than autospin the model.


(Yannick Deharo) #5

I answer here to not open a new ticket. I think that it will be very cool to link the lights to the object when they are not attached to the camera. Moreover, I believe that it could be cool to prevent the rotation of these lights when we turn the environment (with Alt+drag).

The position of these lights can be logically linked to an object in the scene (as a projector) and it’s weird to see them floating around when we move the environment or use autospin.

So, if there is a list for this, I add my name on it !

Thank you !

(Yannick Deharo) #6

I add that it concerns the thumbnails too. When we use the rotate function of the thumbnails, the shadows of the lights reveals that they are not “linked to the object” and that can be weird depending on cases.