London 3D Printshow Volunteer Introductions

(Bart) #1

This thread is for the volunteers who are joining us at the 3D Printshow this week. Say hi and tell us a little about yourself so we all know who we'll me meeting smile

(Andy lewis) #2

Erm............Just on my way out the door to go to Clerkenwell Design Week so not much time.

So, Hi! smile

I'm Andy. 3D printer, scanner and 3DHub. Based near St Albans. Easily recognised by shorts and leather newsboy cap. No! I'm not a hipster. My son tells me I'm a gripster. That's a greying hipster, apparently. You'll see why. smile

Looking forward to spending time with you guys and taking the London community to the next level, whatever that may be!



(James Rasa) #3

Hello, im a 3d graphic designer living in islington, currently helping out in videogame mods online and 3d printers who dont necessarily know how to 3d model.
Looking forward in meeting you all


(Claudio Coutinho) #4


I'm Claudio, Graphic/Motion Designer, from Portugal. Living and working in Kingston for about a year.

See you guys at the show floor.


(Claudio Coutinho) #5

I made a small article on my blog.. There's some pictures as well.

I hope to see you guys here next year or maybe sooner wink

(Bart) #6

Thanks @claudiocoutinho, that was great to read smile

@nataliak this might be nice for a share on social media?