Looking for 3D clothes modellers


(Nitish Bhardwaj) #1

Hi there !

I am working on a project which requires some 3D models of clothes like shirt or t-shirt where each component like sleeve, collars can be separated and combined. Please let me know if anyone is interested.


(Bart) #2

Can you be more specific about your project? Are you looking for API Viewer developers, or for 3D artists? Is this a paid gig? Do you have any examples of what you need?

(Nitish Bhardwaj) #3

It's a paid gig. I am looking for 3D artists who can create 3D model for clothes. For example : check sketchfab.com models hVSDPXOghfuVRVfVrBOsh0b1vKA

The requirement is more about creating the 3D models where each component can be separated also.
I could go ahead with more description on a call, if anyone is interested. Let me know if you could help out.