Looking for a 3D modelling job

My name is Taras, and I am a free-time (I usually model besides my studies), freelance 3D modeller.
I model in Blender, and have been doing it for some time. I am looking for a remote, part-time 3D modelling job. I’d be grateful if anyone would give suggestions around this topic.
My portfolio can be found here: https://tarask.artstation.com
It’s not too fancy, and I should point out that I don’t have that much experience in this field (I’m no industry veteran with decades of experience), and especially in making models for the industry, so advice is also welcome here. (I have mostly been modelling things for myself, friends, and volunteer projects). I also have (some) experience in 3D printing (If that’s relevant here)

Hello Takask,

I checked your portfolio. Congratulations for posting your work and be active looking for jobs and feedback.

General rule recruiters says is that you are as good as your worse work you display.
Second rule of thumb - and consequence of “first rule”: It’s better to have 3…5 good work than 10…20 mediocre ones.
3º - Keep it consistent around the theme you enjoy mostly. I noticed you like airplanes / spaceships. This theme is around transport / flying - the motion graphics for example is a noise around your 3D modeling skills. (use Behance for such content for example)

I hope I helped.
Good luck!