Looking For Advice: Sales and Views

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Hello Sketchfab community!

I’ve recently joined Sketchfab, with a temporary Pro account from my Substance license, and I’ve been uploading a fair amount of things out of Substance lately onto the market. I’ve sold quite a few products through the Unreal Marketplace in the past but have found their system cumbersome, and lack of reviewer knowledge leads to delays. I’m hoping Sketchfab’s marketplace will take off and I can mostly sell here.

So, to that end: how do people advertise, market, and otherwise bring views to their products? I’ve been doing quite a lot of my own research on what seems to get views and sell, but I’ve found some real oddities on here, including an improperly-uv’d wooden cylinder I was just looking at that has managed to garner 114 views and 15 likes in a month… I could yell “bots!” but I feel like I’d be wrong, and it’s some kind of marketing or social media trick I’m not understanding.

So, my question to successful pages (at least in terms of views) is: how do you get the word out? How are you garnering all these hits?

I appreciate any and all advice! =)


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Oops, my apologies mods, I had this in the incorrect category initially.