Looking for Advice

Hey Sketchfab Community. I’m seeing what advice you guys may have for how I’ve been feeling about my work over the years. I can’t help but, feel like my work isn’t good enough and perhaps I can’t make it as a 3D Artist. There is so much information and so many people who’s work is so amazing that I wonder if I can make it like many others and many of you have.

I’m even finding it hard to complete projects and more. I’m taking a individual class through Gnomon right now. But, I can’t help but doubt myself and my abilities. So, I’m curious if anyone has any help they may offer me because I know I want this to be my career.

Hi NWittie, Here’s my honest advise:

-First ask yourself what type of 3d artist you are/want to be:
Are you a (hard-surface) modeler, animator, texturer, etc or like me a 3D Generalist?

-Don’t go ahead at learning other stuff like animation, texturing, etc, untill you have good understanding about basic modeling.

-Depending on your daily routine and time to put in the hard work: Create something every day. ( don’t show it, but learn from it )

-Set your goals and don’t start something else, untill you have completed the goal.

-3D artists are still learning every day because there is indeed so much information. But be happy you have the opportunity you can look it up for free.

-Don’t waist your time and spend more on creating 3d stuff. You will eventually gain more and more skills.

Hope this helps and good luck!!


Self-doubt is a natural part of becoming an artist, as far as I can tell (not being an artist myself but having edited dozens of articles in which impressive 3D artists discuss having felt imposter syndrome). We all start somewhere, so focus on improving those aspects of your art that you feel need the most work. Ask for feedback on your art and incorporate the feedback you receive into future projects.

And remember: those amazing artists whose work you admire have spent thousands of hours becoming the artists that they are today. And they’re still learning new things every day and trying to make the next piece better than the last. Every day is an opportunity to improve on one small thing and eventually all those small things will make a big difference in your art and your confidence.


Thank you for the advice! Currently, I see myself has a hard-surface modeler but, I know I want to get into texturing because I know that will give my work more detail and a more finished look. but, I’m not sure how to start it. I’ve played around with photoshop and substance painter but, despite following along with tutorials it feels like something is missing from them. I’m thinking maybe foundation?

I do realize I may be experiencing Perfectionist Tendencies and I’m trying to work my way through that.

I am working on creating a routine for myself to create a schedule for myself to spend on working on a side project besides my class assignment.

As a former perfectionist I can probably give you a valuable advice: Don’t strive to make every piece of artwork so professional that it would rival picasso or Michael Angelo or even god. That doesn’t mean that you should not try to improve yourself, just don’t force it.
As a kid i enjoyed the Process of drawing, but wasn’t happy with the result, and when I believed that I could not improve, I.JUST.QUIT (Literal ragequit haha) But with time I realised that perfection comes with time and patience, so I grabbed a pencil and just drew with this in mind: No need to rush things.No need to be perfect. Thats when my skills finally started to show and develop.
Still feel like I could Improve but thats okay. Be as good as you can be, not someone else.

Also agree with the other users


Thank you for the kind words. I’m working on small projects and I am taking a class to cement my skills even more. Not only will I work on my assignments but, I will make time, whatever the amount to work on side projects as well.