Looking for an Art Director / Co-Founder


(Zsuzsifer) #1

Hi all,

I'm the CEO/Creative Director of Dreamatik Entertainment, an LA based game startup focused on developing immersive romance games for women on both flat and mixed reality platforms. I've already built a prototype in Unity and have laid all the preliminary groundworks for raising funding (as it pertains to the business plan and pitch deck), so now I'm seeking a talented Art Director to join me and a CTO to help us define the visual style of our IP's to come. Because I respect people's time, no upfront unpaid work is required, only your permission to be pitched as part of the team that will execute the vision once funding is secured.

If you're interested, please read about the position here http://www.dreamatik.com/careers/art-director-co-founder/ and drop me an email for more info.