Looking for an experienced Sketchfabber to help me with some work

I have a website with 380 products of furniture. I have wiremesh models of all our furniture, but, i would like them rendered and uploaded to Sketchfab. I have completed 320 with another freelancer but its very slow process and i would like help finishing it asap.

So the job is open my cad file in Autocad, visit the page on the website i.e. https://www.conceptfurniture.co.uk/padded-finn-chair-hire/
Check the dimensions on that page. Then check the dimensions match in Autocad, then render it, then upload to Sketchfab. Make sure the model looks just like the real thing. Make adjustments in AutoCAD to make it realistic. Once done on Sketch, export the AutoCAD file to 4 formats and put in a ZIP file. 3DS, OBJ, DXF, DWG in the lastest 2019 format.

Some models we have are 10 years and ‘explode’ when importing into AutoCAD so need refreshing into the latest formats.

I can provide a list of items i need creating

Please email me john@conceptfurniture.co.uk with your portfolio and rate of pay. Must be experienced.