Looking for Animator and/or someone to do 3D art/Modeling


(Stantonmitchell) #1

Hello All,

I am currently looking for, as stated, an Animator and/or someone who can do 3D art and Modeling. If this is an opportunity that suits your style, feel free to contact me at: mitchelldstanton@gmail.com

Also, there may be payment compensation down the road.

Thanks guys,

Mitchell Stanton

(Shaderbytes) #2

Asking people to do work for "maybe payments" is a good as asking them to work for free , which is not a job at all. You should raise up the funds for your project milestones so you have a budget and then pay for peoples expertise. That is how it works in the real world.

Nobody likes an "Ideas Guy" with no money in his pocket, and this is not just my opinion , it is the unified thoughts of all people who read statements like yours, search the internet and see for yourself :slight_smile: